Changed to color scheme and some of the links.

Added Miscellaneous 2 brushes.

Somehow I never got around to posting any new brushes or photos. I'll try to do better. The site doesn't look much different but it was redesigned with CSS.

Removed the forum. I hope to add new brushes and a few new pictures by the end of the week.

Added the forum

Redesigned the navigation and removed the tagboard. Also, added a few new items.

Removed the rollover button (they took too long to download). Also, added the contact page and the tilework and glasswork galleries. Ceramic tile and stained glass are other "hobbies" that consume some of my time.

Changed the look yet again. I'm using this site to learn and experiment. The galleries (photos/textures) were done with a script developed by Dive Pix. I modified the Template a little to match the Nuclearblue colors. The buttons were made with a photoshop action by Jason. Ultimately, I'd like to make the whole site dynamic but I've got a long way to go.